Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The latest thinking

A quick update on my thinking...

The locos I have mean we can say this is a 1960s diorama.

I am creating a small batch concrete plant where aggregate is delivered by rail, tipped into a hopper and (via a weigh station) is combined with cement (from a silo) and water (from a water tank).  The concrete is then transferred to a moulding building (a converted scenecraft 7mm concrete lineside hut) and thence to a kiln (brick sided building - an upscaled (extended sides and overlaid 7mm brick plasticard onto a hornby 4mm building) where blocks are created.  These blocks, once fired, are placed onto hudson platform wagons for onward transport to site. 

In fact I shall use three of the scenecraft 7mm buildings, each one modified to suit its location/uses.

I think that this is believable... as to uses for the to suggestions...
I now have all the parts necessary to complete the layout and have also purchased a better gaugemaster DC controller rather than depend on the terrible hornby controller I've used up to now. 

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