Friday, 25 February 2011

2ft versus 2ft 6

At Shepton dad bought a cracking scratchbuilt model of Prince. It has a faulhaber coreless motor and has been nicely put together. The name chronus is a bit odd but that will soon be gone! However it runs on 16.5mm gauge.

Dad us also making good progress with a model of Countess also to 16.5mm gauge.

Now of course the real Prince runs on 2ft gauge track and Countess on 2ft 6. Put them next to each other as in the photo and the difference is striking. You couldn't run these together on a layout.

So should Prince be converted to 14mm or run in a separate 16.5mm layout?

the problem with the 14mm option is that the track would have to be built and its not as easy as my o14 jubilee track!

16.5mm is so appealing for mainline narrow gauge as the rtr peco track is so readily available but it really does look wrong for locos like Prince! Why can't peco build 14mm track and points?

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