Saturday, 22 January 2011

Buildings update

I'm basically working on the idea that this imaginary works of mine represents a small scale concrete plant cobbled together from bits available by a contractor to batch produce concrete blocks or pipes (I've yet to absolutely decide which).

So, what progress with the buildings to fit that?

- the loco shed has been created from a slaters 7mm container body kit. This requires its lost wax castings adding and the roof cementing in place. The doors have been cut apart and will be reaffixed in an open position so Locos can be stored in there. The size is perfect and the Ruston really looks at home. So aside from a few details this bit i'm happy with.

- I have worked out the height required for the hopper tipping ramp and created the sides in plasticard laminated to 7mm stone plastic sheet. This will allow me to create the ramp ready for track.

- the weigh station has been greatly helped by the addition of the bachmann 7mm concrete shed and the unit models privy (I cut back the overhanging roof at the back).

- the dapol ex airfix water tower arrived and the tank has been assembled. In addition some brickwork has been created (although it needs finishing). The brick Walls would gave been used to avoid rust on the bottom of the tank and to require less pumping. Furthermore I will create a door in one side so the brick structure could also have been used as a store (perhaps for moulds).

- the main concrete mixing tower and silo need pipework to connect, ladders adding (dad is going to look for sone at an o gauge show tomorrow) and some work to hide a 4mm scale doorway. I have also decided that the corrugated tin extension will be retained (i had considered removing it or running tracks into it ) as a link to another building.

- this yet to be sourced building will be the place where the mixed concrete is placed in moulds and the moulds cured in a kiln. Finally an exit area for lorries to load the finished goods will be created and the very tightly curved siding straightened out as just a headshunt.

Now to find a building that would fit that plan.

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  1. Hi Colin

    Just wanted to drop in and say hi, just been browsing the site and loving the layout so far! I'm working on a similar sized layout based around a brewery with 9mm gauge locos, representing roughly 18" gauge. I'm also using an LAT and other KB Scale goodies, though currently trying to mount it on a Nigel Lawton chassis due to the gauge difference. The chassis is taxing me so it's inspiring to see one that has worked!

    Good luck with the layout!