Wednesday, 22 December 2010

second draft idea

The first draft posted here has been rejected because:
- It required a reverse loop wiring, which would be annoying in DC with a train having to stop to switch over polarity, or relatively expensive in DCC.  This is just a fun shunting layout so I wasn’t plan to DCC it.
- It was far too ‘tracky’ with little space for scenics or buildings
- It contained too much of the tighter radius type 1 curves and points
So, we move on to the second draft, the thinking behind it being explained thus:
- as the board I have is square, a triangular setup makes best use of space. 
- the basic trackplan is a copy of a plan seen in NGaIRMR recently – a shunting challenge for a loco and 2 wagons.  Run around two wagons using a wagon turntable and two points.  The loco can’t use the turntable to turn by the way, it only turns wagons.  It has been noted (despite this not being the case in the magazine) that this is actually the trackplan of the Crowsnest Tramway Co layout of Roy Link see here -

But to make it a bit more interesting you can add a point on the hypotenuse  leading to some sidings (via one piece of tighter type 1 curve sandwiched in between two of the normal curves) like these examples:
photo P1100486 P1100487
The second example could also just be one horizontal siding at the bottom instead of the two short ones. 
This gives you the shunting challenge as per the above plus room for a loco shed siding (the vertical siding in the bottom left) and space in the middle for either a sand pit/dragline or a piece of machinery (tbc).
comments invited…

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