Monday 6 December 2010

New project, new blog

This is a new blog where from time to time I’ll post progress on my O-14 layout.  The idea is to create a smallish shunting layout (2 feet square) which can live in my office and be used with the flick of a switch or two (Rhyd Ddu takes a considerable time to set up!). 
The baseboard is ready (pine and 9mm ply) and just awaits a sheet of sundeala (easier to push in the rail pins used for attaching track to sleepers).  The board was previously to be used on Rhyd Ddu, before a change of plan.


I will use KB scale equipment (ex Roy C Link) and basically  take much inspiration from the NG sand and gravel layout, which I’ve always liked due to its believability and attention to fine detail.

P1010602 IMG_0252
P1100392  IMG_0254
IMG_0259   P1100391

A video I took in 2008 of the layout…

and another in HD in 2010

The layout will feature one loco only (at least initially) – a Hudson LBT 4 wheel diesel like this (except probably in weathered yellow like the ‘Novak and Goode Sand and Gravel’ layout – yes really, that’s what Roy says the NG stands for!).

loc 66 met leger trein

You’ve gotta love the KB scale adverts!!!


I will be using rolling stock and track of Hudson pattern.


and I have been lucky enough to receive a few models already courtesy of my recent birthday.  So far I have these (total 3 tippers, one with brake)… 7 in all:


I suppose some of my interest comes from the effects of an evening driving little NG locos at Butterley we were lucky enough to partake in a couple of times.  Here’s me, my brother and Dad):

IMG_4469 IMG_4473

They even had an open wagon on a rugga Hudson chassis there:


So, please do check on by from time to time and see how I get on (or better track changes to this site via an RSS reader like google reader)

More inspiration here:

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