Friday, 21 October 2011


I've been steadily working away to get my 3 locos working, painted and fitted with couplers.  Last night 6 couplers were made up from the microtrains (N gauge kadees effectively) range.  Getting the little springs in was a trial, but it's done!  Alterations to the buffer beams were also made to allow the couplers to be sited at the correct height.  Finally filler was applied to smooth out some of the joins between parts.  The spray booth in my garage was also set up ready.

The O+K is already painted and thus just requires the addition of the couplers and plates - I have in stock some plates which I inherited from the late Dr Ben Fisher, so I will use these - number 314 with a black background. 

The plan is to paint the LBT in dark green (most came in this stock colour from the works) and to name it 'Little Giant' using some 4mm scale plates I have in stock that came from worsley works (red background).  Something like the below:

The LAT will be painted in two tone blue with red buffer beams as in this shot below and will be named CLAIRE on a dark blue background (which is my wife's name and I have had these plates in stock waiting for a project for approx 7 years!):

Plan is to have them ready for expoNG as they might get a chance to run on a friend's boxfile layout.

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