Sunday, 20 March 2011



Here is the first coupling successfully applied to the first wagon I built – a platform wagon on rugga chassis. A few things I’ve learned:

- The springs are very easy not only to lose but to damage, you need to be very careful.

- The lubricant ‘grease-em’ is proper weird stuff, like silver sparkling dust.  seems to work though

- You don’t need to overtighten the screws when mounting them as otherwise the coupling fails to work correctly

- My they are fiddly to put together, but once you get a system together, it’s fine.

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  1. Pick the springs up with a scalpel. If you jab the point into the coils at one end, you can slot the other into the coupling, then compress to push the scalpel-held end in. Release the pressure and withdraw the blade. Easy-ish with practice!

    The lubricant is graphite. You could always sharpen a pencil over it - but the wood shavings would not help! Be liberal with it.

    I have a simple jig from plasticard to hold the couplings during assembly. Note the draft box can be either way up relative to the coupling arms. I assemble the coupling upside-down in the draft box so the wire tail is upward.

    With these tips I can assemble a pair of couplings in 10-15 minutes.